Hello! I'm the Creator of EspacioJuegos and my name is Kira!. Since I was young, I've always been intrigued by the idea of making money online and learning new skills that would be useful in life. In short, my dream is to achieve financial independence and generate income even when I'm not working.

You might be wondering who the Creator of EspacioJuegos is and why that name came about. The truth is, this story has an interesting origin. When I was younger, I loved an anime character named Kira, which I think we all know from the famous series "Death Note." Right? I decided to take that name and add the word "one" in English, referring to being the best player. However, I didn't want to be called KiraOne, so I chose to use the pronunciation instead of the English word. That's how my nickname was born: The Creator of EspacioJuegos. It's a somewhat strange but simple story that over time became my personal brand.

The reason behind creating this page is to offer you the opportunity to play everything you've always wished for. I hope you have an excellent day enjoying the content of this website.

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